Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Advanced Baseball Statistics: SLG

SLG (Slugging Percentage):
Purpose: To determine the power or extra-base hit potential of a given player.
Explained: A player's slugging percentage (or slugging average) is how many total bases that player gets per at-bat via hit. If a player were to get a single in every single at-bat, for instance, his SLG would be 1.000. A homerun every at-bat would result in a 4.000. Because extra-base hits count for much more than singles, power hitters typically have higher SLG than contact hitters (in 2011, Derek Jeter's SLG was .370, while Adam Dunn's was .536, even though Jeter had a higher batting average).
SLG=(Total Bases via Hit)/Total At Bats